Ferrari Testarossa cam-belt service:



  • We remove the engine and do the job properly,( many remove the petrol tanks). Whilst the engine is out, it gives us a good chance to detail the engine and bring everything up to beautiful condition.


  • We change all the fluids, all of the filters and all of the belts. That entails re-placing the oil, coolant, brake fluid, oil filter, fuel filters, air filters, auxillary belts (air conditioning and alternator) and cambelts.


  • We remove both cam covers in order to check the cam timing and to re-paint the cam covers in Ferrari red and the end caps in silver we also re paint the cam belt covers in black to brighten up the engine and to keep everything looking original. 


  • We fully document the service with photos to put in the history folder and as proof of the work done.


  • Before the engine is put back into the car we look for worn pipes or corroded fasteners and replace as necessary to prevent future problems. We then carefully install the engine, replacing old nuts and bolts with new ones and paying thorough attention to detail  to everything we do.


  • When everything is tight we put the oil,coolant and brake fluid into the car and then start the engine. We allow it to get upto temperature and make sure both cooling fans cut in, check and adjust the oil level then fine tune the meter head units, the vast majority of Testarossa`s are badly tuned so we take our time to ensure it runs as Ferrari intended.


  • Your car will then be road tested to make sure everything functions as it should, then the car is thoroughly valeted inside and out as well as the engine bay. All the fluid levels are checked one last time as well as the tyre pressures and the wheels torqued down. The car is then ready to collect and be enjoyed with peace of mind.



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