Ferrari 308/328/Mondial servicing

The Ferrari 308/328/MONDIAL 18,000 mile service  

  •  Our cambelt service comprises of new cam belts, auxillary belts, fuel filter, air filter and oil filter and re-gas the air conditioning. As well as new oil and coolant. We use genuine ferrari parts and carry each job out with the care that every Ferrari deserves at the most competitive price on the market!


  • We thoroughly inspect the car on our ramp and check for oil leaks etc then we drain the oil and coolant and remove the necessary components to expose the cam belts, we remove the old cam-belts and check the cam-belt tensioner bearings for wear, if all is ok we fit the two new cam-belts to the correct tension and carefully re-assemble. If your car needs cam-belt tensioner bearings we will contact you to discuss any additional work.


  • Whilst re-assembling, we fit the new auxillary belts to the correct tension, We change the oil filter and air filter. Before the engine is started the new oil will be poured into your engine to the correct level  and the cooling system will be vacumed to check for leaks, then filled with high quality anti-freeze and water.


  • The engine will then be started, we let the engine run upto it`s normal operating temperature and make sure the cooling fan cuts in. We then tune either the carburettors or meter head unit (depending on model) for a perfectly balanced engine.


  • The car will then be road tested to make sure everything opperates as it should. providing we are happy with the car it will then be thoroughly valeted inside and out as well as the engine bay. The car is then ready to be collected and enjoyed with peace of mind.



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