Lamborghini Countach restoration

Here is a little history on our 1984 Lamborghini countach 5000S

By: James 


Bought originally in the mid 90's by my father (Terry) and soon became the poster car for both myself and Tom (brother). This car was like nothing my 5 year old eyes had even seen before, The most outrageous machine i had ever seen! The insanity didnt stop on the looks... i distinctively remember being sat inside the boot while my father tuned the 6 Weber DCOE's, the noise of the monster V12 made me cry- i un ashamably admitt!

To our dismay my father sold the car a few years later.. 

The new owner had the car for some years and had the car tuned at a local carburettor specialist.. the float chamber heights were poorly adjusted and the result of this caused what you see below!

being side draught weber DCOE's just above the extremely hot exhaust manifolds the fuel instantly combusted and melted the O/S rear wing!

a year or so passed by and out of the blue my father recieved a phone call explaining that he would like to sell the car and would we be interested? 'of course' was the natural answer, however he explained there had been some what of a disaster in his ownership!

we then went on to buy the car and the mammouth task of repairing and rebuilding began in 2009. 

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