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Keys Motorsport Silverstone are proud to offer this unique Ferrari F40. The car was delivered new through 'motor modena' in Italy during January of 1990. The car is a non cat non adjust model designated for the European markets.

During the 1990s the car was exported from Italy to japan where it underwent a series of modifications, reportedly in preparation for the car to compete in a Japanese GT series. These modifications included upgraded brakes (Calipers and discs), up-rated dampers, genuine BBS LM wheels, LM body panels to include the front clam and the associated ducting for the radiator, rear wing and a digital dash display.

The car was imported from Japan into the UK in 2011. Upon its arrival the car was sent to a well recognized Ferrari restorer/ body specialist where it was entirely rebuilt. The car was rebuilt to the same LM specification that it arrived in but a number of changes were made to allow the car to be used on the road. The quality of the work was very good and the car remains in fantastic condition both cosmetically and mechanically. The car received new tank bags during the restoration (2011/12)

The car is a triple matching numbers car, so the engine, gearbox and chassis are all  verified as being the original items the car was built with.

The interior is in exceptional condition with the original seats being unmarked, as well as the head lining, centre console and dash all being in excellent condition. The carbon panels within the interior are in excellent order also.

Mechanically, the car is excellent, having benefited from regular servicing and minimal use the car performs exactly as you would hope with an extraordinary amount of power on tap and a noise that compliments its LM look perfectly. The car breathes through a straight through Tubi system and with that comes all of the flames and crackling you would expect from such a radical race car on the road!
The gearbox and clutch are in equally as impressive condition as the rest of the car and the car retains its original magnesium bell housing.

The car handles impeccably well thanks to the adjustable coil overs and revised geometry to suit. During the restoration the car had all four corners removed and rebuilt. as previously mentioned, the car now sits on genuine magnesium BBS LM wheels which are all shod with nearly new Pirelli P-zero tyres.

The brakes are well suited to the cars power (A common complaint on a hard driven F40 is that the brakes are inadequate so many are upgraded) the original calipers have been replaced in favor of slightly larger brembo items which is a recognized upgrade on F40s that are used as intended (Hard!)

This is a unique opportunity to acquire a beautiful F40 that has been modified in period to a good standard to further improve the exceptional performance a standard car offers. The modifications are all reversible and we have the vast majority of the parts required to do so available separately.
(Front clam, brand new indicator pods, headlight assemblies and brackets, rear wing, dash panel, under bonnet well)

The car shall receive a full service including cam-belts prior to sale.

To summarize; this is an immensely capable F40 that performs admirably and looks incredible, offered in impeccable condition. It is a full matching numbers non cat, non adjust EU supplied car. It is priced competitively and is without doubt the most cost effective entry into F40 ownership.





1996 Ferrari 355 Spider

Manual gearbox

11,000 miles from new

All books, tools, wallet and keys

Freshly serviced 

Giallo Modena with Nero interior

Left Hand drive

Offered on behalf of a client.

We at Keys motorsport are proud to offer this beautiful example of the ever more sought after Ferrari 355. The car that we present here has covered just 11,000 miles from new and is as new throughout. Being a 1996 car means that this is one of the very early Spiders which in turn means that the car has the 2.7 management system resulting in more power than the later 5.2 variants.

Finished in Giallo Modena, the car looks stunning. The condition is spectacular and it is clear to see that this car has led a very sheltered life. The paintwork has a beautiful deep shine to it and is free from blemishes or dents. The panels are all original and the shut lines are perfect. The car stands up to the closest scrutiny and the condition is equally as impressive in the door and bonnet shuts.

Finsihed in Nero leather with Nero carpeting the interior looks perfect against the Giallo paintwork. The condition is similar to that of the bodywork and is commensurate with such a low mileage example. The seats show no wear and the same can be said for the carpets. Everything functions as intended.

The Ferrari 355 was a record setting work of art when it was launched, offering more BHP per litre than any other production car available, it is easy to see why the 355 is regarded as one of the best all round cars to ever wear the prancing horse.

The 3.5 Litre, 5 valve per cylinder engine took Ferrari into the next generation, offering 375 BHP it was miles ahead of the previous V8 Sports car offerings from Ferrari. The 355 still feels fast today, it is the perfect blend of old and new and it allows the driver to maximize what is on offer whilst also remaining easy to drive and civilized when required.

The engine in this example is in great health, having just benefitted from a full engine out cam-belt service and detail at our Silverstone based workshop.

The oil pressure is exemplary at all temperatures and engine speeds and the car runs at optimum temperature. The car performs exactly as a low mileage and well cared for example should and sounds beautiful. The engine bay is in stunning condition and all original finishes have been retained and preserved. 

The car has had much expenditure lavished upon it over the years despite its lack of use and low mileage. The last Major service was carried out at a Ferrari main dealer and resulted in a bill of £10,000 where a number of age related items were replaced along with the cam-belts.

Clutch and gearbox:
This car is fitted with the desirable manual 6 speed gearbox. Each gear can be selected with ease at all temperatures and no untoward noises can be heard. The clutch was replaced 3000 miles ago and still feels as new.

The car handles sublimely, as every 355 should. The suspension components are all in great condition having avoided wet weather use has ensured that all components have remained corrosion free and still appear as new.

The car brakes with confidence and the brake discs, pads and lines are all in good order with much service life remaining.

Wheels and tyres:
The wheels are all unmarked and so are the chrome wheel bolts. The tyres are all as new.

Under body:
The under body of this car is not the usual sight on a 20 year old 355. Upon inspection it is instantly notable how fresh and unmolested the car looks, there are no scrapes or damaged under trays from speed bumps etc. There is no corrosion to be seen and I know that a car in similar condition could not be sourced easily.

The car comes complete with the original book pack complete with the leather wallet. The various hand books are present as is the all important original service book. Invoices are present for previous work and the car comes with 12 Months MOT as well as a certificate of conformity from Ferrari meaning the car can be registered anywhere with ease.
The car comes with two sets of keys.

Under the front bonnet you will find the original tool kit which is pristine and un-used, the tonneau cover and the original car cover kit.

This is a unique opportunity to purchase a collector level F355 Spider equipped with a manual gearbox and with just 11,000 miles from new. The car is freshly serviced and ready to enjoy.

A great investment.




1964 Lancia Flavia Zagato Sport 1800cc   SOLD


The most outrageous, and least well known Lancia Zagato was the 1.8 liter Flavia. Designed by Ercole Spada, Zagato’s main man of the era, it possessed some earlier Zagato motifs, such as the windows into the roofline, which harkened back to the Panoramic Fiats of the early fifties. It was streamlined, but Zagato did not work with a wind tunnel. They worked by feel, drew the car up on a full sized board and then started hammering. Once on the road, it was tested with the traditional tuft of cloth method.
Prior to the construction of a larger facility in the late 1960s, Zagato worked primarily in aluminum, and the quest for saving weight carried over into the interior and even the paint. Paint was applied sparingly, in two or three very thin coats. Needless to say, the paint did not survive long. The interiors were also thin, particularly the vinyl. The dashboards were hammered out of very thin aluminum, and often not covered with anything but crackle finish paint.

This car came from Milan, Italy where it was part of a 300 strong Italian classic car stable, The car is an older restoration (10+ years) and is in beautiful un-molested condition. Left hand drive

The Bodywork:


The body designed and built by hand in Milan by Zagato is constructed from Aluminium, Some Flavias were constructed from aluminium and some steel/aluminium so this particular model is a extremely desirable classic GT,The body is finished in a deep shade of red and shows very little age and shines up exceptionally! The body itself is very straight and very sharp along the lines, The seam along the bottom of the sill is as from factory (i.e no careless mechanic lifting the car from the seam), All bright work is in fantastic condition and has a glorious glow

The interior:


The interior is really something to behold, Beautifully presented in a tan leather/ tan carpet combination with a black leather dash with original zagato black crinkle finish on interior components, as with all zagato's there are very quirky features that really go above and beyond the standard, one feature is the electric rear window raising device to allow air to pass through the interior! The dash binnacle is again very quirky with a rather unconventional speedometer. These are what make these cars so special and desirable in this era.
The leather is in fantastic condition with no rips ortears and showing very little sign of wear.The carpets also show little if any wear to them. A thrilling place to sit!

The engine/gearbox:

The 1800cc 4 cyclinder boxer engine is the sport model that features the twin carburettors giving an impressive 104HP, The engine runs well and demonstates excellent oil pressure throughout all temperatures. The engine bay is presented exceptionally and is a credit to the workmanship of the restorer.
The gearbox is a joy to operate and glides into all gears effortlessly with no grinding or clunks.

in Summary:


With prices of 1960's GT's rocketing at the moment there is no better time to purchase a very exclusive GT, The Lancia offers great value for money with real world usability.

1991 Lancia Delta Integrale EVO1





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